Our new home

This is Podcamp Toronto’s new blog! Subscribe, you know you want to! All the news will come through here… also some cool stuff we find along the way.


3 thoughts on “Our new home

  1. Jay, Julien, Leesa, and Mitch:

    Can’t wait to be part of PodCamp Toronto. I have no doubt that you’ll put on one heck of an event.

    –Bryan Person
    A PodCamp Boston organizer
    Blog: Bryper.com
    Podcast: NewCommRoad.com

  2. Man, you people are difficult to keep up with–wiki, Google group, blog. When does the flickr group get started?


    Okay, at this point I am happy to offer myself up if you need a moderator, gopher, Wal-mart style greeter…

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