Jay Moonah is also going to Podcamp.

Podcamp Toronto organizer, and musician, Jay Moonah featured the podcamp phenomenon and Podcamp Toronto in episode 20 of his excellent podcast Online Music Marketing.

Listen to it here.

Episode #20 – PodCamps Galore!



I’m Going to Podcamp!

58 Days to go.
So, its 58 days until Podcamp and I said I would try to jumpstart the podcamp Toronto blog. Now of course, I can’t think of a thing to say.
So, a little about myself. I’m a teacher, father, folk-singer, and computer junkie in his late 30s.  I’ve had a classroom blog for my grade 2 class for about 5 years. I have released one CD of my original folk music, For the Sake of the Song, which can be found on my page at ezfolk.com.   Much of my recent creative energy has been going to librivox.org where I record chapters of public domain audio books and I also am an irregular host for the Librivox Community Podcast. I volunteered to help out with the blog as a way of generating some hype for podcamp, and as a way to get to familiarize myself (and you as well ) with some of the other podcasters and their podcasts attending podcamp. I’m also aware that people are attending podcamp for many different reasons and I hope to explore some of these as we go on.
If anyone else who is attending Podcamp Toronto has other ideas for the blog, or wishes to help out with the blogging, let me know at ductapeguy at gmail dot com.