Linda Mills is Coming to Podcamp.

I don’t know how I missed it but until today, I had not heard of Podcast User Magazine, the free monthly PDF for discerning listeners and productive podcasters. Woo Shiny! and full of podcasty goodness. Podcast User Magazine is a full of information about podcasts, podcasters and podcasting. It reminds me alot of the now defunct Tux magazine for linux novices.

Linda Mills, the Co-Founder and Editorial Manager of Podcast User Magazine, will be at Podcamp. In Sessions Wanted on the wiki an overview of the variety of one-click players on their websites. She’d also like to collaborate on ways to make subscribing to podcasts a whole lot easier.


One Month until Podcamp.

Keeping up with my theme of arbitrary numerical celebrations: today is the 24th of January, which means that is just 31 days until Podcamp.  Celebrate this auspicious occasion by sending us some voicemail.

… Yes I know, this numbers game is wearing thin but it beats posting pictures of kittens.

… and will post pictures of kittens if we don’t start receiving voice messages.

Newbie Getting Ready for PodCamp!

I’m getting excited about PodCamp Toronto!  It will be a month away as of tomorrow, and I can’t wait.  I’ve never been to a podcamp or barcamp of any kind, although I have been watching the progress of this concept for a while.  I’m also a podcasting wannabe so have a lot to learn in that regard.  

I can’t wait to see exactly how this plays out, how the sessions get scheduled in and how people interact.  Also, what happens the Saturday evening–will people keep hanging out together, or will they quietly drift back home to refuel for the next day?

For myself, I will be in NYC the days before at a non-unconference conference, so will likely be excited, pumped, nervous, but glad to be back home in Toronto.  I’ve only met a few people who are signed up for PodCamp, and I look forward to meeting more.

 What have I done to prepare?  I’ve cajoled a few others into attending, mostly strangers via email.  People who I think should be involved.  I added a badge to my blog.  I added one or two sessions I would like to see to the Sessions page of the wiki.  I mulled over some ideas of a possible session with my friend and colleague Jim Milles  since he has been gently nudging me toward podcasting.  We haven’t posted our idea, but I guess there is still time.  And, I keep checking out the wiki and this blog to see what is happening, and reading along with the Google Groups list as the admin details get settled, occasionally adding my two cents.  Finally, I volunteered to contribute to this blog since blogging is my current passion (to be replaced by podcasting?  Who knows!)

So, the question is, have you signed up for Podcamp Toronto?  And if so, how are you going to contribute?

 Connie Crosby

Leave us a Voice Message

I’ve just signed up with Mychingo is an online service that makes setting up voice feedback to your webpage as easy as clicking on a button. All you need is a microphone hooked up to your computer. I wonder if any of you have that? 😉 . They have nifty java and flash players to put on your webpage, which unfortunately do not work with

Here is my introductory message to start this ball rolling.

Click here to leave listen or to leave us a message. You can also subscribe to the rss feed of all our messages.

25 sessions and counting

While I’m celebrating artificial numerical milestones,  there are now 25 proposed sessions listed on the podcamp wiki.  They include introductory sessions on how to start podcasting, technical tips for podcasting, how to podcast/videocast with no money, how to make money from your podcast, and the legendary more to come.

Check out the sessions, or if you have an idea for a session add your own on the Podcamp Toronto Wiki.

One more arbitrary numerical milestone:    Pack your bags.  There are only 37 days until podcamp. 

Tooting Podcamp’s Horn (and my own)

About once a month, I host the Librivox Community Podcast.  This podcast is by and for the 2500+ volunteers of who are engaged in the task of recording and releasing all public domain literature as audiobooks. In this week’s episode, I talk about going to podcamp and invite other Librivox volunteers to join us at podcamp.  I also talked about getting as many podcamp attendees as possible to record a text in the public domain to be released on  We could all record a common short text, or shorter passages of a larger work.  I’m looking for the right text.  Something with a Toronto or Canadian connection would be great, or something that reflects the DIY nature and creative spirit of podcasting.

Suggestions anyone?

Connie Crosby is coming to podcamp

Serial blogger and law librarian, Connie Crosby has graciously offered to assist with our Podcamp Toronto blog.  Her main blog can be found here .  She also maintains a linkblog entitled Connie Crosby Links , the Thursday Book Club, and she is a contributor to the Library Leaders blog.

Welcome aboard Connie.  I look forward to reading your work.

Leesa Barnes interviewed on Toronto Television about Podcamp

Podcamp organizer Leesa Barnes will be on CanoeLive tonight on Channel 15 in Toronto. She will talk about business podcasting and Podcamp Toronto. The show begins at 6pm but Leesa’s segment will be closer to 6:45pm.

Podonomics » Blog Archive » Podcamp Toronto on CanoeLive Tonight

Leesa was also a guest of John Havens of the podcasting guide in a podcast entitled:  “What’s a “Podcamp” and do I need a tent?”

Update:  You can watch the video of Leesa’s interview on Canoe Live here.