Canadian Podcast Buffet

Mark Blevis andBob Goyetche have just released Episode 50 of the Canadian Podcast Buffet. In it, they discuss plans for the second annual Podcasters Across Borders (and podcamp) conference in Kingston on June 22, 23, and 24. They also discuss their plans for attending PodCamp Toronto . Mark has to leave podcamp early on Sunday the 25th to fly to Vancouver. He is hoping to meet up with Vancouver area bloggers and podcasters that night, and record podcasts in two provinces on the same day.

If you have never listened to the Canadian Podcast Buffet, it is an incredible resource to Canadian podcasters, providing promos of podcast, podcasting tips, and reviews of hardware, software delivered with loads and loads of good humour. Bob and Mark also maintain the Canadian podcast directory at

On his blog, Mark Blevis discusses the panels which he is a part of at Podcamp Toronto.

“I’m on the board for three presentations:

  • Building a communityMark Blevis and Bob Goyetche – Branding is an important part of establishing your identity. Podcasting affords opportunities to leverage your brand to build a community of interest with active members and regular correspondence and dialog. This presentation shares ideas and real-life accounts of how a Podcast can be used to build a community.
  • Editing Techniques and DecisionsMark Blevis – Demonstrations and tangible examples to make sense of what Bruce Murray once dubbed “Blevis-ian editing”.
  • Making a difference: What Return on Influence (ROI) really meansWhitney Hoffman, Chris Brogan and Mark Blevis discuss how you can use your influence and think beyond revenue models.”

Listen to Canadian Podcast Buffet Episode 50.