Thinking Beyond the Podcast – Those Final Details

As we close in on the big weekend, a few things you will want to consider:

  • business cards! Are you going to tear up bits of paper (or, yes, cardboard) to give people your podcast name, URL, and email address? Or will you get your act together this time and actually make up real business cards? Although I am “just a blogger” I realized my work-related business cards are just not cutting it any more! So, I poked around and found some really cool cards that–heh–actually cost me more than all my web hobbies combined for a full year, perhaps with the exception of my high speed connection. My husband thought I was off my rocker, but they are way cool. I’m not telling you what they are until they are actually here. Crossing my fingers they get here in time for podcamp!
  • promo items. Besides a business card, is there something you are planning to do or hand out to make me remember you and later check out your podcast? Stickers are popular and relatively inexpensive. Any other ideas or pointers out there?
  • making an entrance/standing out in a crowd. Okay, so if everyone has a microphone out and is conducting interviews, what is going to make YOU stand out from the crowd? Cool equipment? Funky clothes? Big hair? Trophy wife on your arm?

So, it’s time to start thinking beyond the podcast and getting those other details in order. If you are going to do this, now’s the time!!


Big Hair Lady
Originally uploaded by TACD.