PodCamp Toronto Schedule is now posted.

The Podcamp Toronto Schedule page is now live – if you are leading a session, please copy and paste the information from the session page into your preferred schedule slot! There are 3 rooms; holding 50, 75 and 100 people respectively. Each room has a data projector but you will need to bring your own laptop (or borrow from some kind soul).

Podcamp Schedule Page

PodCamp Toronto 2007 (password: canuck) / Schedule


Check This Out! Jim Milles is coming to Podcamp

Jim Milles as Simpsons characterI would be remiss if I did not tell you about my friend, colleague, and sometimes mentor Jim Milles. Jim wears many many hats, but officially he is known as the Associate Dean for Legal Information Services, and the Director of the Law Library, and Professor of Law at the University at Buffalo Law School . There are three hats right there! Connected with his work, he is a podcaster, blogger, traveller, writer, teacher, and speaker. His podcast, Check This Out! , is listened to by law librarians, law libary students, law students, lawyers, denizens of Buffalo, and fellow podcasters. He explores a wide range of topics in and around his various personal and professional interests.

He contributes to several blogs, including his personal blog Buffalo Wings and Toasted Ravioli and the co-operative legal research blog which he created, Out of the Jungle .

Most recently he has been teaching a course on Teaching Legal Research. In it, he has students exploring new social media including podcasting. And, particularly useful for the rest of us not able to take the course, he has been podcasting his classes and posting related materials. In my little world this is very exciting stuff!

He cares deeply about our profession, law librarianship, and he encourages others in our work. He is constantly pushing the envelope, exploring new worlds. Most recently he podcasted a tour of Second Life.

I have the privilege of being Jim’s “Canadian correspondent” on his podcast. Today he recorded our conversation about Podcamp Toronto, so that will be posted over the next several days. I will post a link to that when it goes up.

Edit by ductapeguy: Jim’s Podcast with Connie is up and it’s great. Check this Out: Episode 60

One of Jim’s secrets of success is being a downright nice, down-to-earth, approachable guy. If you see him around at Podcamp, be sure to say hello! He would love to meet you.