Official Podcamp Toronto Meme – Connie’s answers

Yikes!  Step away from the computer for a couple hours and people start talking about you!  Here are my answers to the Official Podcamp Toronto Meme (can you call it a meme when only one person has posted thus far? but I digress…)

1.  Which celebrity// blogger//podcaster would you most like to meet at podcamp? Why?

I would like to meet any or all of the Bare Naked Ladies.  Um, just ’cause they seem to be fun people and I like where they are taking music with regard to DRM.  

 If I  were to be given another vote, I would love to meet Tod Maffin who influenced my first getting into blogging even though he probably doesn’t know it.  I actually described that experience at the beginning of this article  which talks about the first time I ever heard about blogging and podcasting.

2.   A little homework now: Which podcamp registrants would you like to meet? Why?

I would like to meet #49 on the registration list, Tim Posgate.  Tim has been one of the prominent jazz musicians in the city, and now has his own podcast about Canadian jazz,  appropriately enough called Canadian Jazz Life Podcast .  I have never heard Tim play.  Nor (I confess) have I listened to his podcast.  Probably should do that this weekend!  The reason why I would like to meet Tim is actually because I think we are both from the same home city, Burlington, and went to the same high school.  A good friend of my family was good friends with his sister.  I heard lots about Tim growing up, but don’t actually recall if we have ever met.  So, I was thinking it would be cool to correct that.   I think if Tim reads this he is going to laugh!

3.   Who is your “dream interview” for your podcast? Why?

If I had a podcast, who would I want to interview?  Hee hee.   I have been very fortunate in my lifetime to meet most of those  I admire–authors, colleagues, heroes.  Usually I just turn to mush and get tongue-tied.  The two times I met author Michael Ondaatje were just downright embarrassing!  I sat beside Rudy Wiebe (another favourite author of mine) during a whole event and didn’t say one word to him because nothing would come out of my mouth.  But if I could find a way to overcome that, I would love to meet and interview Michael Stipe, lead singer of REM.  I have been a huge fan for at least 25 years.  Closest I have come has been to have front row seats at the last two Toronto concerts, and leaned against the stage during the last one.   Who cares if that interview fit into the format of my podcast–I would work it in somehow! 

4.  Who would you like to interview at podcamp?


5.  What is your, “Can’t miss it” session at podcamp?

Aside from What to Podcast, the session I am doing first thing on the schedule with Jim Milles, I really want to attend the Second Life session with Jay Moonah and Bryan Person that follows ours.  I have been playing with SL a little and am trying to learn as much as I can about it.  I thought attending podcamp in SL would be cool if I could figure out how to actually get there.

6.  Ginger or Maryanne?

Maryanne.  Although you’ve got to admire Ginger’s ability to wear that sequined dress on a tropical jungle island and still look fabulous!

Ginger and Maryanne 

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