Official Podcamp Toronto Meme– Your Answers

Actually Connie, between my post and yours, there were four replies on the Google Group. Here they are:

Jim Milles writes:

Can I answer “Cali Lewis” for everything?

Charlotte Lofranco writes:

I like memes. This one is certainly a toughy. But seeing how I have a few hours to kill before heading out to catch my bus to Montreal…
1. Celebrity: probably Ricky Gervais. He did a series of podcasts, but it’s over now. 😦
2. I’d like to meet everyone. πŸ™‚ Somehow I think I’ll likely miss a few folks though. I want to meet the folks from LibriVox, cause I think that’s an incredible idea and it’s very similar to something I was involved with
before the whole podcasting explosion (only it was a much smaller scale… it was reading the harry potter books and posting them on livejournal). I’d also like to meet Nina Silver and hear her thoughts on podcasting in secondary schools.
3. Um… Well, I don’t actually HAVE a podcast. I’m all about the meta-podcast though. I love discussion the social aspects of podcasting and the blogs that go along with it. I love people figuring out this new form of
communication and playing with it. That being said, my dream interview, for my dream podcast, would be someone at the “top” of podcasting or one of the “grandfathers”, like Adam Curry. Not because I think their opinions are any more valuable than other people, but because they will have the most “social” experience since they have more people participating in their work. Oh! My other choice is totally ZeFrank. I think that would be fun AND insightful.
4. If we’re going with the “dream” podcast again, I think talking to Jay, Leesa, Brent, Julien and Mitch would be good, cause if I’m talking about the social aspects of podcasting, looking at the organization of Podcamp and why these people are involved would be key.
5. I’m all about the schmoozing events. I like talking with everyone about how they’re enjoying the event, finding out what they do, what their opinions are on life, god and podcasting. Also, lunch. πŸ™‚ Seriously though,
I want to hear Hugh’s talk on how things went with LibriVox, I want to hear Nina’s talk about podcasting in secondary schools, and the talk about whether podcasting will kill radio.
6. Mary Ann. But really, it’s all about the Professor. πŸ˜‰

Nice. This was a great idea Sean.
See you all next weekend!

Justin Beach writes:

1. You Sean, who else?
2. I’m looking forward to seeing people I’ve already met, although
I’m sure I’ll meet some new people which who I can then look forward to seeing again at the next one.
3. Not a podcaster at this point
4. See above
5. Sadly I can only be there on Saturday, and can only be in one place at a time. I”m going to cram in all I can, though I’m particularly looking forward to Hugh and Casey’s sessions (unrelated though they might be).
6. I’ve always found it sad that people insist on putting OR in there instead of just making it a statement with AND. My way is alot more fun.

Casey McKinnon writes:

1. Jonathan Llyr… he’s a riot.
2. I’m looking forward to meeting all my video blogging peeps and fellow sci-fi geeks, especially the duo from the new Battlestar Galactica review show BSG Cast, Matt and Nat.
3. We don’t conduct interviews, but if you’re talking about someone interviewing US then at this point I guess it’s the New York Times.
4. N/A
5. Unsure at this point… but I’m watching the schedule very closely to see what pops up.
6. Caprica Six πŸ˜‰

I will add more responses to this post as they come in. And congratulations, you have averted the kitten threat once again.