Tag! The Official Podcamp Toronto Meme

On the Google Group, Leeza mentioned that a mystery participant is coming to podcamp. Speculation on the group has been abuzzing with guesses ranging from Amber to … well Amber? Even though podcamp is an unconference where the power is in the participants, a little star-power never hurt anything.

Based on that thought, I’m starting a meme. You know, one of those chain lettery questionnaire things that bloggers pass around on slow Colbert days. You’ve all been tagged. On your blog, podcast, these comments or the google group answer these questions?

  1. Which celebrity// blogger//podcaster would you most like to meet at podcamp? Why?
  2. A little homework now: Which podcamp registrants would you like to meet? Why?
  3. Who is your “dream interview” for your podcast? Why?
  4. Who would you like to interview at podcamp?
  5. What is your, “Can’t miss it” session at podcamp?
  6. Ginger or Maryanne?

And my answers:

  1. It would be way cool if Cory Doctorow, Leo Laporte or Wil Wheaton were coming, but they have not registered as of yet.
  2. I can’t wait to meet Hugh McGuire face to face. I have been a volunteer of librivox.org for over a year and have emailed and talked to Hugh a number of times, but never met him in person. Also Connie, Jay, Leeza, Jim, Mike Moon, Julien, Bob, Mark, Rudy, Casey and Barry are high on my list of “I have to meet them.”
  3. Cory again.
  4. Whoa: I’m not sure who I’ll interview at podcamp. I will be recording for my next Librivox community podcast so I’ll be asked lots of people about their favorite book and audio book. I will be asking about their favorite “classic” or public domain book? I may also bring a public domain poem or text to be read by as many podcamp participants as possible but I have not decided yet.
  5. I have three can’t miss sessions at Podcamp:
    • I am helping Hugh McGuire with his session on Librivox: “How to get 2457 People to podcast for a common cause”.
    • Jay’s talk on using compression normalization, etc… I am on a never-ending quest to learn the technical ins and outs on “How to make my audio sound the the best it can be”.
    • Mark’s talk on editing. My podcasts usually contain an interview and 5 or 6, 3 to 5 minute segments, so editing is a skill I am constantly honing.
  6. Definitely Maryanne.

That’s it. Now it’s your turn. You’ve been tagged with the Official Podcamp Toronto meme. Now remember the rules kids.  If I don’t get any responses, I’m posting pictures of kittens.


I’ll do it this time.

I mean it.

Tag Connie!


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