The power of the people– and the Internet.

With the internet tools we have, I am constantly amazed at how fast collaboration can happen on this self-organizing conference thingy. When the schedule was added to the wiki, it began filling up in minutes. This morning at 9:56 am, Gary Marriott posted the following to the google group:

Hi All,
There is so much to see at podcamp I don’t know where I will start.One thing missing is a session on Web Tools i.e. CMS, RSS enclosures, Flash applets etc. If anyone is willing to host a panel on tools and techniques for podcast hosting then I would be more than willing to attend or even chair, if there is a strongman willing to twist my arm.
I ask because my good Friend Beth is starting up a Video Podcast in March and I am frantically trying to build her an all in one publication solution for that her personal blog, photo blog, companysite etc. using Drupal.
If also there is anyone in the group willing to take pity on a poor bewildered programmer and give some guidance in using Drupal for hosting I would be very willing to pay for coffee.

Gary Marriott (Wandering Genius, presently on loan from England)

19 minutes later, at 10:17am, Mitch Joel posted:

It’s done and live:

Bob Goyetche from Canadian Podcast Buffet and Rogic Conglomerate has agreed to moderate… Go over and sign-up to join the panel!
Mitch Joel

This reminds me of an old Judy Garland/ Mickey Rooney movie. ‘Hey my uncle’s got a barn. Let’s put on a show.” The speed at which this conference is coming together is amazing.