Look who’s coming to Podcamp.


Earlier this weekend there was alot of speculation about a special “celebrity” participant at Podcamp. The wiki now confirms that Amber MacArthur is coming to Podcamp! Amber is a blogger (ambermac.com), vlogger (CommandN), podcaster (Net@Nite), and news reporter for City TV. She also co-hosted Call For Help with Leo Laporte. Amber has a regular feature on City TV called Inside Popnology. With her feet planted firmly both in the old and new media, Amber has alot to add to our conversation at Podcamp.

Now Amber, add your thoughts to our Podcamp meme or I’ll have to post pictures of kittens. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Look who’s coming to Podcamp.

  1. My good friend Will Pate just let me know about this post ;). I can’t wait for the event! I am thinking about doing a series at Citytv on podcasters…so if anyone has ideas of who I should interview, I’m all ears!!!

    -Amber MacArthur
    CityNews International

  2. Looking forward to catching up with you, Amber. And for everyone who’s on the google discussion list, Amber is the surprise guest I was talking about. Cats out of the bag now 🙂

  3. I looked at the Podcamp Toronto Registration Page before Amber signed up. Once Amber MacArthur signed on the list, the list seemed to grow really fast! Podcamp T.O. even got on CityNews because of Amber, great!!

    Host of the All About Mac Podcast

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