Let’s Get Dirty: Advanced Traffic and Audience Building

Liveblog of presentation by Christopher Penn, one of the originators of Podcamp (from Boston) http://www.FinancialAidPodcast.com

Slides are on the wiki.

Some key considerations:

  • make sure your podcast name can be heard and understood on an auditory basis (you can hear it clearly)
  • SEO
  • promote your podcast on your MySpace page
  • need multiple channels and deliveries
  • RSS, iTunes, Flash, MP3, WinAmp, email (30% of his audience receives it via email)
  • no more than one click to listen to the show

Turn listeners into subscribers

  • good show content
  • calls to action during the show
  • iTunes – itpc (like http) puts it directly into iTunes – pcast is older version of itpc link
  • itpc shows up as text in email; he will show us how to create a direct link from the wiki later
  • give people a reason to promote you – e.g. he uses podsafe music, leaves comments on the bands’ website so people can find him – they can link back to him
  • ID3 tags – fill them in – lyrics tab – put the show notes. It is metadata that gets indexed


  • friend adder on MySpace – costs money – friendadder.com – you can do demographic searches and add people. Can request up to 400 people.
  • make sure our MySpace profile is robust – Feedplayer – put MP3s right on your page
  • Technorati and Google Blog search
  • think about what words that you use in your vertical that nobody else uses – search and you may find those with MySpace blogs who would be able to add you as a friend. Google Blog search puts the friend ID from MySpace right in the search results. He has a script to pull all the friend IDs and load them into MySpace which he will be giving away.
  • Facebook is not indexed by Google. Turn everyone on LinkedIn automatically into friends on Facebook [blogger notes: sorry, I missed how he did this].
  • Google Analytics – “website statistics on crack”
  • Crazy Egg – makes a heat map to show you where on your site people are clicking – MP3 link inside a blog post is very hot. If you have a WordPress blog, for example, you can put it into a footer. 14 day free trial available.

Evangelists count the most – people who are promoting you

Make your show easy to promote.

Tags for del.icio.us and stumbleupon – make sure you choose as many keywords as possible. Do a keyword density search e.g. the one at SEOTools.com then copy the whole list into http://del.icio.us.com . Stumbleupon – peer to peer random stumbling – does not index the whole web; if you tag things people will find them faster.

iTunes can lose episodes – can take 5 days to appear

Mybloglog – Yahoo just bought them a month ago.

Podshowplus – you can script it so that everyone becomes your friend

iLike.com – you can add every single person as your friend – there are no restrictions on this

LastFM – a music recommendation service – start a label and pages get created automatically – if you keep your name consistent your material will keep getting added to the same name