Let’s MAKE Something

Liveblog of session presented by Chris Brogan from Boston, one of the originators of Podcamp

Who could use $25,000 US (first prize)?

Contest his company is running – to give money back to people in the podcasting space to help make people aware that there is more than YouTube. If you should a video on how to watch Internet TV but if you mention Network2 you could win a prize.

In this session, he gave us the option of shooting that type of video OR just shooting something for fun.

Zefrank -the show with zefrank http://www.zefrank.com

– all user-submitted and you can submit video to be on the show

– we recorded a promo for this show

Rocketboom.com – we recorded a clip to submit to the show.

Tip: For people using a mac, audio gets put into MPG files – use VisualHub

He learned from Steven Garfield, godfather of videoblogging, that an inexpensive camera with video – just press record and get started. You don’t need $9,000 of equipment to get started.