Second Life and Podcasting

Liveblog of presentation by Jay Moonah and Bryan Person.

Second Life is a virtual world, not a game.

4 million people have registered, but that does not mean that 4 million people are using it. This is a promotional number.

It takes time to get started. Linden Labs says if you can get past the hurdle of getting set up, they tend to stay in.

Real business that have set up a presence in Second Life: American Apparel and Telus. American Apparel allows you to buy customized clothes for your avatar. They put up their presence last year but haven’t done much since then. Same with Telus: they have put up their store but it is largely abandoned. They got the PR to extend their brand, but are not building a presence to engage the community.

Yankee Stadium – they have recreated the stadium, but it is empty. You can get to it, but you can’t go inside. A lot of Second Life is experimental.

Jay Moonah: This world is what you want to make of it. You can see it all as just sex and shopping for shoes; if you look at the city of Toronto, you can see it just as sex and shopping for shoes.

The real strength of this is interactivity, for example:

  • meetups – e.g. coffee with crayon – 40 or 50 avatars talking about business (crayon is a marketing agency) – people from all different locations
  • CaseCamp SL – four to six case studies about marketing – CaseCamp has been held in Toronto, Vancouver, etc. – Bryan Person has taken this concept and put it into Second Life – they had streaming audio, each presenter had up to four slides, text-based Q & A
  • thriving music community – streaming audio e.g. Uncle Seth show – there are 3-5 shows in Second Life every night – people can do this as a fantasy/hobby when they are not real performers, build a real fanbase, get tips in Linden dollars
  • PodCamp SL – podcamp in Second Life – last time it was 55 registrants, 5 hours, 2 days, sign-ups through the wiki as well, people had audio stream through Skype – people from all over the world presenting

Enterprise presence

  • buy land or buy your own Island approx. $2,000 CDN.
  • get in and walk around – a lot of empty spaces – start with holding events
  • get in, learn the scripting language, build something simple first

Potential for marketing your podcast:

  • T-shirts
  • podcaster meetups on Podcast Island every Tuesday night
  • go out and meet people
  • meet community groups related to the content of your podcast – search under Groups

If you haven’t used it, give it a try. Have someone guide you, take you around to get you started. You have to find a couple of your real life friends.