Watch Podcamp from the comfort of home.

Jay Moonah writes:

Thanks to our friends from Ryerson University and C’est What Brew/Vin Pub, it appears the vast majority of PodCamp Toronto happenings will be available in realtime via streaming media links.
Visit the schedule page for the Quicktime video links for each presentation room, and for the Shoutcast audio link for Saturday night’s performance from C’est What featuring Uncle Seth, +nurse & Sean McGaughey:
Unfortunately these streams will not be monitored at all times so we can’t promise they will always be up, but with any luck you’ll be able to partake in a great deal of the PodCamp Toronto from the comfort of your broadband connection.
Please feel free to blog or otherwise pass this information along to anyone not lucky enough to be here in Toronto for what promised to be an amazing weekend!

NEW!  Live streams:

SPECIAL BONUS: live Quicktime video “spycam” from PodCamp Toronto


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