Other Podcamp Toronto Bloggers

My co-host for this blog, Sean (ductapeguy) will be posting more.  He hasn’t had connectivity during Podcamp but has been gathering lots of content.  Stay tuned!

Bob LeDrew has been liveblogging as well over at Flacklife  (he is currently sitting beside me so I have been watching over his shoulder.  Heh)

Kevin Baggs has a nice post over at IN*ovation summarizing Podcamp and thanking our fine organizers!

Bitterstuff at Strange Duck Media gives us 20 Hot Podcasting Tips that she picked up yesterday.

Chris Clarke of Student PR Blog is here.  We’re hoping Chris blogs learnings from the weekend!

Joseph Thornely, sadly, was on his way to Podcamp Toronto but his flight was cancelled.  Check out his blog post at Pro PR.  We did our best to live blog it, and the streamed video should be posted soon to the wiki if it hasn’t been already, so hopefully you will still get the content even if you didn’t get the chance to be here for the f2f and networking aspect.


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