Wrap-up Thanks!

Thanks to our engineers here at Ryerson University for doing the livestream video and posting it to the wiki!!

And thanks to our fabulous organizers:

Leesa Barnes of Podonomics – Organizer, Media Liaison.

Jay Moonah of Uncle Seth and Online Music Marketing – Organizer, Event Logistics.

Brent Morris of The Closet Geek Show – Organizer, Volunteer Liaison.

Julien of the In Over Your Head hip hop podcast – Organizer, Tech Guru.

Mitch Joel of Twist Image – Organizer, Publicity/Promotions.

Our sponsors get special  thanks:


5 thoughts on “Wrap-up Thanks!

  1. Thanks to all of you for organizing this. Your hard work helped make it such a success.

    It was so good to meet each of you in person and get to know you all. Everyone there was great and I enjoyed it a lot. Hope everyone learned as much as they shared with everyone else!

    The archives of the sessions will make a great resource for anyone in podcasting to draw from now and in the future.

    Best of all, we’ve all come away with new friends and are psyched to get out there and podcast/vidcast!

  2. Thanks everyone! The presentations were informative and inspiring. What a great way to meet, reconnect, learn and share. Doc Wu is right about the archives, they will come in handy.

  3. Thanks For The Great Event! I Can’t Wait Till Next Years Podcamp Toronto. Next Year, I’ll try to get some more of my listeners to head out ;-).

    Can’t Wait For Next Years Podcamp T.O.!

    Host of The All About Mac Podcast

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