Podcasts from Podcamp

From a brief googling, here is a brief list of podcasts from podcamp thus far.

  1. This Week in Geek
  2. Buffalo Live! Music Podcast with Doc Wu
  3. Geek.Farm.Life
  4. dicksnjanes podcast with the Scarborough Dude
  5. Librivox Community Podcast hosted by ductapeguy
  6. Country Music Podcast by Bill Deys
  7. DeysCast Feb 26 2007 – PodCamp TO Wrap Up by Bill Deys
  8. deys Feb 23 2007- Road to PodCamp by Bill Deys
  9. Podonomics by Leeza Barnes
  10. City TV News report by Amber MacArthur
  11. Financial Aid Podcast with Christopher Penn
  12. The Safety Guy – Industrial Machinery 101 hosted by Doug Nix
  13. The Closet Geek Show- Episode 56 by Brent Morris
  14. Canadian Podcast Buffet 54: PodCamp Toronto, Vancouver Meetup and Podcasters Across Borders
  15. Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters No 89 – Not So Oscar Fever and Podcamp Toronto 2007 hosted by Ninja and Special K
  16. Librivox Community Podcast 26 hosted by ductapeguy and Jim Mowatt . Direct Mp3 link
  17. LX7#30 We Vote with Our Ears hosted by Vergel Evans mp3 link
  18. Trafcom News Podcast #52 hosted by Donna Papacosta
  19. Buffalo Live! Music Podcast – Doc Wu features Sean McGaughey
  20. Ramble with Russell Podcast#39

Please add your podcast from podcamp to the comments and I will add it to the list.

Update: I’ve taken off the direct audio players in this post because all the flash players were slowing down Firefox way too much. You can still get to all the podcasts from podcamp in the links.