Plug your ears, I’m blowing my own horn

At Podcamp, Andy Walker took one look at my business card with all its urls (audiobooks, my folk music, librivox, etc…), and exclaimed,  “Dude, you HAVE to get your own domain.”  Shortly after podcamp, I registered, and began to move in.

In the meantime, a long term project has begun to come to fruition.  For a surprise Christmas gift, I recorded my brother-in-law, Andrew Beatty’s unpublished novel, White Trash Land.  After all, I have some experience recording audio books for   White Trash Land has been accepted for release by and should appear on their site in the near future.  We will also be podcasting White Trash Land from

Finally, Podcamp inspired me to  start my very own podcast. I’m pleased to announce my new podcast, For The Sake of the Song, Conversations with Song. Each episode, I will have a different guest to discuss the art and craft of songwriting, and to play a few songs. To begin, I’m planning to release episodes biweekly on the odd Thursdays.

On March 10, I played at a benefit bonspiel for the Minesing Swamp Unplugged Festival. While I was there I recorded a few episodes of my new podcast: For the Sake of the Song: Conversations with Song. I also learned podcasting hard lesson #1. A little ambient noise is OK in a live recording, but recording live shows 30 feet from the refrigeration room of a curling rink is not OK. There is a lot of hum in the recording, but it was great to talk with Steve. I had not seen him perform in over 6 years.

It can all be found at my site:

For The Sake of the Song: Episode 01:
Guest: Steve Porter:
Theme Music: For the Sake of the Song (©2003 S. McGaughey)
Dark Beauty (© 2003, S. McGaughey)
Full Moon in the Highlands (© S. Porter)
Autumn Words (© S. Porter)
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Thanks to everyone who inspired me.

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