The Podcamp Toronto Wiki is Down– and back up again.

At this moment, people are getting an error message when they try to access the Podcamp Toronto Wiki. Julien has contacted the provider pbwiki and is waiting on a response. I’ll keep you up to date here about the status of the wiki.

Update: Here is the email that I sent to

Hello: My name is Sean McGaughey and I am the blogger and one of the participants of the successful Podcamp Toronto conference which was held on February 24 and 25, 2007 in Toronto. We used your free pbwiki service to completely organize and run this sponsor supported- free conference in a completely open manner on Over 300 people attended and at the end we left the wiki active as a resource as we had 2 days of conference video and many podcasts linked through the wiki.
Over the past month we have had difficulty with spammers editing the sidebar, which we have been vigilant to remove.

Over the past few days, the page has been disabled with a notice that the wiki has violated the pbwiki terms of service. Can the wiki be re-activated or can we at least recover our pages?
Thank you,

Sean McGaughey

Update#2: The guys at pbwiki are right on top of customer service. Within a few hours, I got this response from pbwiki.

Hi Sean,

I apologize for that. I’ve re-enabled your wiki and it’s available now.

Sometimes our software gets a little overzealous since we hate spam. If you’ve been having problems, you may want to think about how to prevent Bad People from getting in your wiki. I saw the comments on your Google Group, and one person suggested not having a publicly available password. That’s one alternative, or you may just want to have more people on the notification list to reverse any bad edits.

Thanks, and please pass my apologies onto the rest of your group.

Have a great one,

-Ramit  PBwiki Co-founder

I must publicly offer my thanks to the great folks at pbwiki for offering and supporting such a great tool for collaboration.