Podcamp Podcaster Profile: NichM

Last week I went through the registration list on the Podcamp Toronto wiki and added all the registrant’s websites and podcasts to the blogroll.  I’ve been starting to listen to other podcamper’s podcasts as a way to get acquainted with some of the people I’ll be meeting on February 23 and 24.

I took a listen to Blastr and enjoyed it alot.  Blastr is a Twit type tech panel produced on TalkShoe and hosted by  NichM a 12 year old Blogger and podcaster.  In the episode I listened to, I enjoyed the discussion of technology from a teen perspective.  Check and blaster, and be sure to say Hi to Nich at Podcamp.


New Features, New Look

Eden Spodek set up a nifty Podcamp Toronto Twitter account.  I added all the Podcamp Toronto registrant’s URLs and podcasts to the blogroll here.  The one sidebar was getting very LOOONG, so I changed to a 3 column theme.  I hope the new look adds to your Podcamp Toronto Experience.

Now, get out there and encourage more people to join us on February 23 and 24.  Registration is Free and easy peasy.  Just sign your name to our wiki page.

Podcamp Toronto Podcast #3: Introducing Connie Crosby, Unsuspecting Podcaster Wannabe

Podcamp Toronto Podcast #3

In this episode of the Podcamp Toronto Podcast, Sean McGaughey (our own ductapeguy) introduces podcaster wannabe Connie Crosby to the idea of learning to podcast for the first time. (Run time: 14:06)
Show notes:
Podcamp Toronto
1:30 What is the key philosophy behind Podcamp?
2:11 Evo Terra
Podcamp AZ
4:34 Facebook video (Facebook account required to access).
5:00 Seesmic
5:27 ductapeguy suggests recording chapters, poetry with Librivox as a great entry place for recording audio
6:26 should we have a theme song?
6:47 Audacity – free open source program
8:27 Uncle Seth
9:10 Podsafe music
Podsafe Music Network
9:40 Creative Commons
see also: Creative Commons Canada
Sean’s Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works
10:19 Flickr
10:55 Podshow.com
MySpace Music
11:30 Podcamp Toronto Feb 23 – 24, 2008 at Ryerson University
12:11 Canadian Podcast Buffet, episode 85 year end wrap-up

Send feedback or volunteer to be interviewed for future episodes:

ductapeguy @ hotmail.com
conniecrosby @ gmail.com
or leave an audio comment at MyChingo