Podcamp Toronto Podcast #3: Introducing Connie Crosby, Unsuspecting Podcaster Wannabe

Podcamp Toronto Podcast #3

In this episode of the Podcamp Toronto Podcast, Sean McGaughey (our own ductapeguy) introduces podcaster wannabe Connie Crosby to the idea of learning to podcast for the first time. (Run time: 14:06)
Show notes:
Podcamp Toronto
1:30 What is the key philosophy behind Podcamp?
2:11 Evo Terra
Podcamp AZ
4:34 Facebook video (Facebook account required to access).
5:00 Seesmic
5:27 ductapeguy suggests recording chapters, poetry with Librivox as a great entry place for recording audio
6:26 should we have a theme song?
6:47 Audacity – free open source program
8:27 Uncle Seth
9:10 Podsafe music
Podsafe Music Network
9:40 Creative Commons
see also: Creative Commons Canada
Sean’s Creative Commons license: Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works
10:19 Flickr
10:55 Podshow.com
MySpace Music
11:30 Podcamp Toronto Feb 23 – 24, 2008 at Ryerson University
12:11 Canadian Podcast Buffet, episode 85 year end wrap-up

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4 thoughts on “Podcamp Toronto Podcast #3: Introducing Connie Crosby, Unsuspecting Podcaster Wannabe

  1. with seesmic and facebook and other very simple ways of recording a message and attaching to RSS the relevance of ‘podcasting’ is not as great IMO.

    I can edit a video and upload it to VIMEO, attach that to my blog and people can recieve that via RSS.

    because iTunes has a ‘podcasting’ directory then podcasting is relevant. Otherwise it seems that it is all just RSS media under the dated term ‘podcasting’ ?

    PMNE 2007 saw the discussions of the ‘death of podcasting’ and have since changed the name to NewMediaExpo, dropping the ‘P’.

  2. ooops! hit the return key by mistake,
    what the podcamps are great for are a sense of REAL community and finding meaningful connections. A Conference for people that don’t normally get to go to conferences. A place to exchange ideas and think about the future and just get excited with possibilities. So i believe that podcamps are essential unconferences in community building. Very few people IMO go to podcamps to hoard ideas for $$ gain, although money is always a good topic!
    speaking of topic creating a podcast for connie is a good idea. Maybe a video of the creating of the podcast would be a good podcast as well ?

  3. Thank you for your comments, Scott. I think a lot of people are still passionate about audio. It has its own sensibility, separate from video. That being said, Podcamp is meant as a new media gathering so video podcasting (!) is also in our sights.

    For the sessions teaching me how to podcast, we are recording our sessions thus far using Skype (i.e. telephone), so what you hear is what there is. Sean and I are not in a room together so there wouldn’t be very much video action. I could see doing an instructional screencast for some of the steps, however. But we’ll see how the audio part goes first.

    Will you be joining us at Podcamp Toronto?


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