Will Pate Talks About PodCamp Toronto 2008

Will PateWill Pate has been a technology entrepreneur and community builder since co-founding his first business, Infinity BBS, in elementary school. Since then he has co-founded Raincity Studios, a Vancouver-based new media design, development and web marketing firm and has worked at Flock and on a project called Mazava. He is currently the Community Evangelist at ConceptShare and co-host of tech news show CommandN.

Perhaps most importantly though, Will was the tenth person to register for PodCamp Toronto 2008!

I asked Will about his expectations for PodCamp Toronto, what he hopes to get out of it and who he’s looking forward to seeing at the event next month.

Is this your first PodCamp? If not, what other events have you been to?

Pate: Although I’m a veteran of BarCamps, this is my first PodCamp. I hope there is no terrible initiation

Why did you decide to register?

Pate: I heard good things about PodCamp last year, but unfortunately I couldn’t make it. I’ve been co-hosting commandN for about a year now, and I’m bummed to say I haven’t met enough local folks making podcasts.

What do you hope to get out of the weekend?

Pate: Friends, some co-conspirators for future projects and folks I can recommend to people looking for their skills.

Which session are you most looking forward to?

Pate: An Example of a Session Title – Jay Moonah” – Haha!

Seriously though, I’ve been following the idea of the “social media release” so I’ll be looking forward to hearing Collin Douma flesh out the idea.

Is there a session that’s not on the list that you’d like to see? What it?

Pate: Perhaps I should rework my “Guerilla marketing for content producers” presentation that I gave at nextMEDIA. Folks seemed to like it, and I bet the audience could get something out of it.

Name one thing you’d recommend visitors to Toronto do while they’re in town for PodCamp

Pate: Go for a beer with the group after the sessions are over. Don’t miss some of the best conversations.

Thanks Will!

We’ll be posting a few of these interviews over the next little while. If you want to meet the folks interviewed and check out the sessions they’re excited about, then sign up for PodCamp Toronto!


Podcamp Toronto Podcast #7 New Sponsors, Hotel Deadline February 1, and Father Roderick

Listen to Podcamp Toronto Podcast 7 (6:00).

I know, we just released episode 6 yesterday, but we wanted to tell you about some of our new sponsors,
Com.Motion and Wildfire Strategic Marketing.
We also need to remind you that the dedline to register at the Comfort Inn Suites at our group rate of $105/night is February 1.

A special PodCamp Toronto rate of $105 is available for a limited number of Executive Suites (single or double occupancy, additional guests can be added at $15 each).

The group number is 4089. Please book before February 1st to get this special rate!

Phone: 416-362-7700

Toll-Free: 1-877-316-9951

Email: info@comfortsuitestoronto.ca

Web: http://www.comfortsuitestoronto.com/

Details can be found on the Podcamp Toronto wiki.

Finally, Father Roderick, a well known podcaster has just announced details of a Toronto Meetup on Monday January 28. Father Roderick is the founder of the SQPN podcast network, and host of the Catholic Insider, The Daily Breakfast, The Secrets of Harry Potter, and many other podcasts. He will also be having a meetup in Montreal on January 29. You can find out more details of that visit on SQPN.com.

Here are the details of the Toronto meetup from the SQPN website.

12:21: you land. Leaving the airport shouldn’t take too long (we hope), considering it’s a domestic flight, so…
1pm: We should be on the road, heading for downtown Toronto.

130pm: Hopefully, we’ve found a parking spot, and are heading for the CN Tower. (You’re not afraid of heights, are you, Father?) It really is the kind of view you’ll never forget. I’ll buy tickets for us in advance, but I thought it was best to start with this, that way it doesn’t obligate others to spend money to spend time with you. After about an hour…

230-3pm: Quick meet and greet outside the CN Tower for those who would like to join us on a walking tour. Leave here by 3pm. Exact meeting place would be on the south side of the CN Tower, directly at the base of the tower, facing Bremner Blvd and the Gardiner Expressway. (I wanted to make this meeting in a coffee shop, but they’re at least a block away, and it’s SUCH an easy landmark… but rest assured, there will be coffee shops along the way!)

3pm-5 or 530pm: Walking tour toward St. Michael’s Cathedral. Daniele has a couple of potential places to stop, and we can stop for photo ops at city hall as well, along the way.

5-530pm: Arrive at St. Michael’s Cathedral (hopefully).

530 pm: Mass at St. Michael’s Cathedral

6pm: “Proper” meet and greet. People that can’t join us earlier, can meet us outside of St. Michael’s Cathedral, and we go two blocks down the street to (according to Google maps) a Tim Horton’s coffee shop at 2 Queen St. East (at Yonge St.).

As always, we appreciate your comments. Send email to conniecrosby at gmail dot com or ductapeguy at hotmail dot com, add a comment on the blog at podcamptoronto.wordpress.com , or send us a mychingo voice message.

Podcamp Toronto Podcast #6 – Getting the Word Out

Listen to Podcamp Toronto Podcast #6

Less than a month until Podcamp Toronto! In this episode your hosts Sean McGaughey and Connie Crosby talk about spreading the word about Podcamp Toronto to the podcaster community. Deadline for Comfort Suites hotel rooms at the special group rate is February 1st. We also update you on our latest sponsors, discuss the audio promo, our new account on del.icio.us, and the new aggregated podcast feed. We round things out with feedback from listeners, and note our blogger friends won Sunday’s Test the Nation contest.

Run time: 33:42

Show Notes:

Music – “Thematic Waves” by Vergel Evans

Deadline: February 1st for Comfort Inn Suites hotel reservations special group rate of $105 a night. For details see the Hotels page on the wiki.

Third Tuesday Toronto

New sponsors:

Thornley Fallis
Marketing Over Coffee

To grab the latest version of the promo by audio’connell to add to your show go to voxmarketising.

Bob & AJ Show
PAB = Podcasters Across Borders
Tommy Vallier’s Two Beams
NichM on Blastr

Podcamp Toronto on del.icio.us

Podcamp Toronto blog

Podcamp Nashville
Dave Delaney
Two Boobs and a Baby+
feed of Nashville participant podcasts (OPML)

Podcamp Toronto’s Playlist
password: PCTO

John Meadows

Scarborough Dude

Daniele Rossi

CBC’s Test the Nation
See also: photojunkie
Hugh McGuire
Julian Smith

Send feedback or volunteer to be interviewed for future episodes:

ductapeguy @ hotmail.com
conniecrosby @ gmail.com
or leave an audio comment at MyChingo

1 Month to go 31 Days, 203 Registrants

On January 23, 2007, with one month to go until Podcamp Toronto 2007. we had 110 registrants signed up on our Podcamp Toronto wiki.  Today we had 13 registrants on the wiki for a total of 203 people coming to podcamp.  Welcome to everybody who signed up today and especially to our 203rd registrant, Benjamin Gitterman, photographer & blogger.  I’m looking forward to meeting you at Podcamp.

MMMmmm del.icio.us

I must say that I never tried social bookmarking before today, but Dave Fleet and Eden Spodek set up a del.icio.us account for podcamptoronto (http://del.icio.us/podcamptoronto) . If you are into social bookmarking, be sure to friend or follow podcamptoronto, or whatever you it is you do on del.icio.us . You can also see a list of our recent links on the bottom left side of the sidebar.  I’ve used the following tags so far. Be sure to suggest other useful tags in the comments.




5 Weeks To Go!

172 attendees… (and counting!)

26 sessions… (and counting!)

5 weeks remaining. And counting.

Just 35 days until PodCamp hits Toronto for the second time and things are heating up. Registrations grew 20% in the last week alone and we’re signing up new sponsors every day.

Today we’re thrilled to announce four new sponsors:

Marketing Over Coffee

Marketing Over Coffee is an internet radio program (podcast) that covers both classic and new marketing. The program is runs about 20 minutes and comes out on Thursday mornings.


TalkShoe is a service that enables anyone to easily create, join, or listen to Live Interactive Discussions, Conversations, Podcasts and Audioblogs.

These hosted Community Calls can be discussions, conversations, talk shows and podcasts. Recorded Community Calls can be listened to, downloaded, or subscribed to. And if your Community Call becomes popular, you can make money too.

Thornley Fallis

Thornley Fallis is a full-service communications and public relations agency that has established an excellent reputation for providing smart thinking and delivering creative solutions. Thornley Fallis’ consulting team draws on a wealth of skills and experience to develop and implement innovative communications programs that achieve client objectives.


Tucows seeks to make the Internet easier and more effective for passionate Internet users. Their goal is to reduce complexity for our customers as they acquire, deliver or use Internet services.

Tucows’ principle source for distributing Internet services is their global network of over 7,000 hosting companies, ISPs and other service providers. In addition to other Internet services, they provision millions of email boxes and manage over 7 million domains.

Write About PodCamp Toronto

Are you coming to PodCamp? Want to write about it? Want the inside scoop?

Email fleetstreetpr [at] gmail [dot] com with your questions or to set up an interview.

Getting to know Podcamp Toronto Podcasters

John Meadows is trying to listen to a podcast a day to familiarize himself with some of the people attending Podcamp Toronto.  I have also found this to be a good way to prepare for Podcamp.

Inspired by the Podcamp Nashville RSS feed of new podcasts from attendees of Podcamp Nashville, I entered the Podcamp Toronto Podcast List into Collectik.net .

You can find it at http://limelight.collectik.net/collectik/profile/podcamptoronto

You can subscribe to a feed of new shows from Podcamp Toronto participants at http://limelight.collectik.net/collectik/xml/home/podcamptoronto/playlist

Alternatively, you can subscribe to an OPML file of all Podcamp Toronto participant podcasts at http://www.ductapeguy.net/podcampreport/podcamptoronto.opml .

If you have any additions or corrections to this list, you can add them to the comments here or better yet,  change them yourself at Collectik.net.

User name:  podcamptoronto   password: pcto

Podcamp Toronto Podcast #5 – John Meadows interview and New Promo

Podcamp Toronto Podcast #5

In this episode your hosts Sean McGaughey and Connie Crosby interview John Meadows about his podcasts, his sessions at Podcamp Toronto, and Toronto podcaster meetups. We listen to a new promo contributed by audio’connell Voice Over Talent and challenge listeners to make a video promo. We also thank you new sponsors, invite other contributions via our PayPal link, and invite volunteers to help out via the volunteers page on the wiki.

Run time: 33:42

[Show notes to follow – Connie]

150 people are coming. Who are you going to invite?

On February 4, last year, we reached our 150 the registrant on the wiki.  I am pleased to say that there are now 155 people who are planning to come to podcamp.   The 150th and 151st registrant on the wiki were Preston Buttons and the Word Whore, hosts of the “Air Out My Shorts” comedy podcast: www.airoutmyshorts.com.  I look forward to seeing them at podcamp.

As I perused the list, I noticed that there are several people I enjoyed meeting last year who have not yet posted their intention to come back to Podcamp.  I’m going to try take some time over the next 2 weeks to invite them to join us.  I’m also inviting people in my area who have shown an interest in podcasting, and some of my podcast curious musician friends.

Who are you inviting to podcamp?  Let us know in the comments or via a mychingo voice message.