W00t : Zero to Podcasting in 2 days

Mark Blevis has just announced on his blog that he and several veteran Canadian podcasters will be offering a 2 day beginners stream for podcasters entitled Zero to Podcasting in 2 days.  Way to go Mark, Bob, Katharine, Sage, and Rob.

From his blog:

A group of ‘veteran’ podcasters are collaborating to deliver a two day workshop called Zero to Podcasting (Z2P) this February as part the PodCamp Toronto program. The sessions will be a mix of campfire/circle discussions and technical presentations aimed at helping everyone, from newcomers to advanced podcasters, start from nothing and then learn and shake up the skills necessary to plan, prepare, produce, publish and promote their podcasts.

Z2P is designed to arm the absolute newcomer with the skills and ideas to start podcasting by the end of day one, and help with additional skills such as portable recording and establishing and owning their Internet presence during day two. Regardless of your level of experience, the program is designed to help establish, strengthen and refresh all of your skills.

The collaborators include Katherine Matthews and Rob Lee (Purl Diving), Sage Tyrtle (Quirky Nomads), Scarborough Dude (DicksNJanes), and Bob Goyetche and Mark Blevis (Canadian Podcast Buffet and many others).

The full Z2P program and schedule will be available on the PodCamp Toronto website. A summary and sequence of the sessions appears here for your information:


  • Picking a topic and planning the podcast
  • Technology selection
  • Recording the show
  • Editing, mixing and producing the show (using Audacity)
  • Getting started with Libsyn (including uploading and publishing your show)
  • Directories and promotion


  • Owning your online presence
  • YourName.com (with GoDaddy)
  • Your own WordPress site with a Libsyn back end
  • The Podpress plugin
  • Portable recording
  • Next steps

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