Podcamp Toronto Podcast #4 – Getting Involved!

Podcamp Toronto Podcast #4

In this Episode, your hosts Sean McGaughey and Connie Crosby tour the Podcamp Toronto wiki and tell you how to get involved in the upcoming Podcamp Toronto, interview Podcamp co-founder Chris Brogan, and talk about a solution for Connie to record interviews via Skype to Garageband on her macbook.

Show notes:

Music – “Thematic Waves” by Vergel Evans
Vergel Evans
LX7.ca – The Something in That Square – podcast and videocast
Last Call Kitchen

Feedburner Feed: feeds.feedburner.com/podcamptoronto

iTunes store – not yet set up

add a podcast to iTunes

Podcamp Toronto wiki – podcamptoronto.org

Podcamp Toronto Registrations – add your name to the list!

Podcamp Toronto blog – podcamptoronto.wordpress.com

NichM profiled on the blog

Audio Comments to Podcamp Toronto – MyChingo

Comment from Scottwitter – Twitter Meet-up Dinner
add Scottwitter to your Twitter stream and he will organize dinner the Friday night before Podcamp – http://twitter.com/scottwitter
also added to the wiki Schedule page

Podcamp Toronto Twitter feed – http://twitter.com/podcamptoronto

Have flights from Calgary to Toronto gone done? They may have!

Podcamp Toronto audio promo now available! – on the blog and the wiki
we invite you to submit YOUR promo!

Lead a session at Podcamp Toronto! Add your idea to the Sessions page of the wiki. We need sessions at various levels to appeal to various people.

To sponsor Podcamp Toronto in cash or in kind please contact Eden Spodek eden_spodek @ gmail.com

Hotels for Podcamp Toronto – special rate with Comfort Suites – for more information see the Hotels page of the wiki.

Gizmo Project

Alan Drake
Audio Hijack Pro – record anything that goes through your sound card

Chris Brogan, co-founder of Podcamp
Amber Mac
Podcamp Toronto 2007 Media Archive
copyright – DMCA in Canada?
DMCA legislation in the U.S.
Barenaked Ladies

Send feedback or volunteer to be interviewed for future episodes:

ductapeguy @ hotmail.com
conniecrosby @ gmail.com
or leave an audio comment at MyChingo