Exceptional Podcast Listening

One of the things I love about podcasts is that when interesting people get together to talk about the things they are passionate about, magical conversations often develop. Unlike traditional media, in a podcast that conversation has all the time it needs to wander and grow into something magical.

I listened to two magical podcast episodes today. In a special Bonus Episode of his Podcast Novel, Black Shadow, Steve Saylor talks with Shane Shennan of the yonderman.com podcast and his dad Christopher Shennan from christophershennanbooks.com. The conversation starts with reminiscing about their shared experiences in creative writing class in high school, but also covers books and podcasts that they love, before settling into an in-depth discussion of the writing process. I know Steve Saylor is coming to podcamp, but I hope Shane and Christopher Shennan can come as well, because after the discussion on that podcast I would like to meet them.

The second exceptional audio I heard today was Barncast 100 of the always interesting Geek, Farm, Life podcast. Andrew and Misty are a geek couple who bought a farm in Indiana and produce a podcast from their barn about how geeks can live a self-sufficient farming lifestyle. I spoke with Andrew all too briefly last year at podcamp and I hope they can come up to Podcamp Toronto 2008.