143+ registrants

With 6 weeks to go, we now have 143+ registrants for Podcamp Toronto.  The + is because sometimes two people have signed up on one line in the wiki.    The most recent registrant is new media darling, Amaya Thompson, the lead singer of Uncle Seth.  I have updated the blogroll here to reflect the links and podcasts of the last 43 registrants.  Take some time to check out the websites and podcasts of other podcampers.  It’s a great way to get acquainted  with other people in the community before we meet physically on February 23.  I enjoy preparing for conferences by listening to podcasts by other attendees.  I get to find some great new podcasts.

The other day I checked out  The Lego Talk podcast.  James Wadsworth does a great job discussing the worlds of Lego, showcasing lego websites and reaching out to the lego building community.