Join us for Podcamp Toronto Podcast #14 – Wrap-up Party

We will be recording a wrap-up of Podcamp Toronto live:

Sunday, March 2nd
9:00 p.m. EST
via Talkshoe

We will have organizers on the call and hope to have participants in last weekend’s Podcamp to discuss the highlights and how we can do things even better than last year.

If you haven’t joined us before, you can call in to Talkshoe:
(724) 444-7444
Enter Call ID 14385
If you are  member of Talkshoe, enter your PIN; if you are not, enter as a guest with 1#

Some of us use Skype (at one of the paid levels) and others use ShoePhone. Or you can just call in at your long distance rate.

We hope you will join us.


Podcamp Toronto – One Year Later

How does Podcamp Toronto 2008 differ from Podcamp Toronto 2007? There is definitely a different feel this year, although perhaps not noticeable on first blush.

Ninja, one of the hosts of Hot Fossils and Rebel Matters, said that things seem even more relaxed than last year. Talking with Martin Cleaver, we theorized that it is less about the hype and more about looking maturely as to what we can do with the tools. Technology goes through a sort of “hype cycle” where it becomes popular and hyped, then swings down into a back-lash, and then corrects itself into a more realistic middle plateau (well, he described this better than me and probably could be served by a graphic).

Podcamp Toronto 2008

Photo: by Wayne MacPhail

Regardless, more than half the people here have not been to Podcamp before. But many are arriving with a good level of understanding because they have already been part of the conversation, whether it be from listening to podcasts, reading blogs, watching videos, or otherwise consuming and responding to the new media.

Last year Twitter was the domain of just a few people. This year it seems to be part of almost all conversations–either you are sharing ideas on Twitter or you want to.

This year we have more people discovering the live video stream from the wiki, and sending comments via Twitter to audience members to ask of the presenters. So people like Mitch Joel in Montreal and Andrea Vascellari in Finland can follow along and feel even more engaged.

And this year it is not about “how can I make money off my podcast” (the whole “monetizing” concept that is loathed by many hobbiest independent podcasters), and more about how to use podcasting and social media strategically to fulfill certain goals, whether they be building a personal following, using for business, or for non-profit organizations.

We seem to be talking less at cross-purposes this year, and tend to be listening and learning more from each other.

Which is really what social networking is all about.

Brand new podcast from Podcamp

The Zero to Podcast people at Podcamp are going through the whole process of conceiving, producing and publishing a podcast in just two days. Today they recorded and edited a wonderful podcast called Hiding in the Closet. I sat in the session where Bob Goyetche demonstrated how to edit all the clips together in audacity. I’ve been a daily audacity user for 3 years and I learned about several basic features of audacity which will radically change the way I work.

Have a listen to Hiding in the Closet.

The background music is Fakeout by Derek K. Miller of

And We’re off. Come on down or join us through the modern miracle of Streaming Video

Podcamp Toronto is up and running. I’m sitting listening to Chris Brogan’s talk on Social Media and branding. The halls are buzzing. Come on down to Ryerson University and join us or if you can’t make it to podcamp Toronto check out our streaming feeds.

Room 229
Room 357
Room 359A
Room 361
Studio A (1st floor)

The full schedule is available at

PS.  Manny the tech guru says that if you are having trouble accessing the stream on Windows, try right click and copy the stream url then paste it directly into Quicktime.

The Mentor Lounge Awaits You

What is the mentor lounge?

The lounge has been designed to be a place where people new to the world of new media, and veterans in this space, can come together and make connections. People, by nature, are often too shy to break the ice and say hello to someone random, so we’ve designed the lounge to break down these barriers and allow for an easy forum for Q&A to occur.  Added note: The mentor lounge will be open 4:00 – 5:15 p.m. Saturday. 

Last year’s experts.
Originally uploaded by wsh1266

How can I help out?

If you have knowledge in one of our four topics, and are willing to sit on a panel for 15 minutes to field questions, we’d love to see you sign up! Remember, being a mentor on the panels requires no slides, no presentation and no preparation – just some free time, a willingness to answer questions, and knowledge of the topic.

What topics will be covered?

Join us for audio podcasting, video podcasting, blogging and social networking.

Great! What do I do next?

Visit the Mentor Lounge page on the wiki for more details and to sign up as a mentor. See you there!


The Mentor Lounge is being moderated and organized by Tommy Vallier. If you have any questions, you can e-mail him: tommy [at] tommyvallier [dot] com.

CNW Group Sponsors PodCamp Toronto 2008

We’re thrilled to announce that CNW Group has signed-up as a sponsor for PodCamp Toronto 2008.

CNW GroupCNW Group is the nation’s number one resource for time-critical news and information from more than 10,000 sources coast to coast and around the world.

CNW Group has agreed to distribute the news releases for PodCamp Toronto. Check out the PodCamp Toronto news releases.

The company joins a growing list of sponsors for PodCamp Toronto. Almost 20 companies have signed up to support this year’s event.

Podcamp Toronto Podcast #11: Making Social Miracles Happen

Listen to Podcamp Toronto Podcast 11

With your hosts Sean McGaughey and Connie Crosby. The contest from Freshbooks and Yahoo! Search Marketing Canada has been officially announced. See the details on our blog and on the Freshbooks website. We discuss which podcasts have promoted PodcampToronto. We compare using Talkshoe with recording ourselves via Skype. Keith Burtis talks about his Social Media Miracle. Where are the sessions by/for educators at this Podcamp? Evening meet-ups Friday and Saturday will be informal. Feel free to use this Podcamp wiki page to help you organize your meetings. Thanks to all of our sponsors who have supported this event. We will be opening up a Mentor Lounge during the last two sessions of the day on Saturday. We will be looking for experts to sign up to give advice (audio, blogging, marketing, etc.) for those who are just starting out. The schedule has been posted, and those presenting are encouraged to post to a time slot of their choice. We discuss some of the sessions, and then wrap up with some tips on what to bring to Podcamp.
Run time: 49 min (approx.)

Show Notes:

Music – “Thematic Waves” by Vergel Evans

On the call:

Keith Burtis
Tommy Vallier

Hipsters in the chat room:

Nich M
Jay Moonah

Thanks to our newest sponsor:

and thank you to all of our sponsors!

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Keith Burtis’ woodwork and Social Media Miracle
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Evening meet-ups page

Chris Brogan
Adele McAlear
Dave Fleet

Z2P = Zero to Podcasting
PAB = Podcasters Across Borders

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