Podcamp Toronto Podcast #9

Podcamp Toronto Podcast Episode 9

Connie and I had a great time recording Episode 9 of the podcast live on Talkshoe. I made some mistakes miscuing the sound clips but the conversations were great. Thanks to everyone who joined us live. We are planning to do episode 10 on Talkshoe as well, on Wednesday February 13 at 9:00pm EST.

Run time: 53:04

Show Notes:

Music – “Thematic Waves” by Vergel Evans

Participants in the call:

Tommy Vallier
Ralph Mucci
Nelson Bettencourt
Jay Moonah

with hipsters

Jim Mowatt
Eden Spodek
Keith Burtis
Drew Beatty

in the Talkshoe chat room!

Thanks to our new sponsors:

58Ninety Inc.
The Limestone New Media Group

We talk about new sessions that have been added. There is still room for more sessions! Scheduling will be opening up next weekend. If you have special considerations with the scheduling, please contact Jay Moonah. Tommy Vallier tells us how he approaches Podcamp and meeting new people. Ralph and Nelson ask about finding advertising for podcasts and other ways to monetize a podcast. We ponder why there is a new increase in podcast subscriptions. We also reveal that Saturday night at Podcamp Toronto will be a build-it-yourself arrangement. We will be creating a page on the wiki with suggested places for groups to congregate. Also included are interviews by Sean with podcasters Father Roderick and Daniele Rossi.

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2 thoughts on “Podcamp Toronto Podcast #9

  1. It’s very weird that you called us hipsters, but I can’t explain why it is weird for about a month or so.

    However, I called myself a hipster in a video just yesterday.

  2. I wrote up the show notes– I used that term because it was top-of-mind from an email that Jim Milles sent me. I thought it was amusing. 🙂


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