Cyrus Mavalwala Looks Ahead to PodCamp Toronto 2008

Cyrus MavalwalaCyrus Mavalwala is a partner at Advantis Communications Inc, a Toronto-area public relations agency. He’s also a regular at Toronto’s social media gatherings and an all-round nice guy.

Cyrus was the 87th person to register for PodCamp Toronto 2008.

I asked Cyrus about his expectations for this year’s PodCamp Toronto and what he hopes to get out of it.

Is this your first PodCamp? If not, what other events have you been to?

Cyrus: I’m excited about this year because I attended last year’s Toronto PodCamp. Thanks to everyone who worked so hard last year to make it a success!

I also try to make it out to the case camps, bar camps, tech talks etc.

Why did you decide to register?

Cyrus: I heard Dave Fleet was going and I wanted to get his autograph… (df: smartass…!)

It’s the place to meet friendly people who are truly engaged and passionate about podcasting and about the social media world in general. Since I’m based in Toronto, I really don’t have any excuse not to go!

What do you hope to get out of the weekend?

Cyrus: Sometimes we require additional podcasting support so I’m hoping to meet some great podcasters and audio editors who we may be able to work with in the future. I’d also like to keep abreast of the latest techniques and technologies.

What do you hope to get out of the weekend?

Cyrus: This year I hope to have the time to indulge in the evening sessions a bit more to further the conversation.

Which session are you most looking forward to?

Cyrus: Anything to do with marketing/PR will be at the top of my list so Marketing & New Media: A Discussion with Jay sounds like a good one as well as James’

There are many others I’d like to attend so I’m glad my business partner, Ernesta Rossi, is attending.

Is there a session that’s not on the list that you’d like to see? What is it?

Cyrus: Measuring the success of your podcast would be a worthy subject — and one that would generate some lively debate I’d think.

Name one thing you’d recommend visitors to Toronto do while they’re in town for PodCamp.

Cyrus: If you’re from out of town, tack on a few extra days and explore our great city. We’ve got some of the best dining in Canada — regardless of which flavour is your favourite.