Post Podcamp Toronto Podcast 14: People Pile into Post-Podcamp Party

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Wow, over 20 people showed up for our Podcamp Toronto Wrap-Up Podcast over on Talkshoe. We discussed the good and the bad of Podcamp Toronto (mostly good) and brainstormed on ways to improve the event next time.

On behalf of Connie and myself, thanks to all the listeners and participants on the Podcamp Toronto Podcast. You have helped in making Podcamp Toronto the wonderful success it was.

Run time: 54:09

Show notes:

Your humble hosts:

Connie Crosby
Sean “ductapeguy” McGaughey

Music – “Thematic Waves” by Vergel Evans

On the call:

Michael “definetheline” Mistretta
Mike “The Birdman” Dodd
Steve “Snowball” Saylor
Tommy Vallier
Jay Moonah
Eden Spodek
Whitney Hoffman
Mitch “studionashvegas” Canter

Hipsters in the chat room:

Timothy Pilgrim
Keith Burtis
Chris “Chris24” Thomson
Donna Papacosta
Dave Fleet
Andrew Rivett
Dave Forde
Drew Beatty
Daniele Rossi
Alex Miller
Three Amigos

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