Help us by Producing Promos for Podcamp Toronto Please

Response to Podcamp Toronto 2009 has been tremendous.  In less than 24 hours of after announcement on October 5, more than 100 people registered for Podcamp Toronto 2009 on our wiki.  Since then, people throughout the social
media community have been talking about Podcamp Toronto on blogs, social networking sites, twitter and on podcasts.

We have also found it quite useful in the past to have an audio promo for the event that people can play on their podcasts (and possibly traditional media such as radio programs).  Since we are a community of wildly creative
producers of new media, we are once again inviting members of the podcamp community to submit audio promos for Podcamp Toronto 2009.  And this year, the good folks at Griffin Technology have offered some lovely goody bags
(valued at $125 each) as incentives for people producing promos for podcamp.  So here’s the drill:

We welcome any contribution of audio promos for podcamp Toronto.  We will publish all contributions on our website at  Since we are encouraging other podcasters to use and share these promos, we suggest
that they be licensed under a Creative Commons – Attribution, Share Alike license.

Content Guidlines:
We need to have all the pertinent information about Podcamp Toronto in the promo
What: Podcamp Toronto 2009
When:February 21 and 22, 2009
Where: Rogers Communications Centre at Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario
Cost: Free
“PodCamp Toronto is made possible by the generous contributions of our sponsors, please visit for more information and  Free Registration.”

Technical Guidlines:
1 to 2 minutes in length seems to be the sweet spot for audio promos.
Please encode your submission as a 128kbs mp3.

ID3 Tags:
Artist:  Your Name  (and url if you wish)
Title: Podcamp Toronto 2009 Promo February 21-22, 2009

Send your promos to

Although we have most need of an audio promo, we would also welcome video promos, cartoons, tattoos, sonnets or Vogon poetry.  Podcamp Toronto is an unconference organized entirely by the community it serves, so we are asking
the community to help with the promos.

On February 2, we will make 4 random drawings from all the promo  contributions we have received and the lucky producers will win a goody bag valued at $125 courtesy of Griffin Technologies.


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