Subscribe to the Podcamp Toronto Castroller Feed

Today, after more than two years of development, podcamper Will Spaetzel has officially launched Castroller, a social media website for aggregating and sharing podcasts and videocasts.  Will has also created a dedicated channel on Castroller containing one feed for all podcasts produced by pcto09 participants.

The following is a guest post by Will Spaetzel explaining the Podcamp Toronto channel and the Castroller launch:

If you’re coming to Podcamp Toronto, you’ll be meeting a lot of podcasters. And you’ll probably want to know something about these people before you coming. Besides checking out their blog or Twitter account, you probably also want to listen to their podcast. Well a Canadian startup, CastRoller just made that very easy.

CastRoller has created a “Channel” of podcasts for Podcamp Toronto attendees. You can see the channel here: A CastRoller channel contains the latest episodes from every podcast in the channel. So you can go to that one page and see the latest from everyone that will be coming to Podcamp Toronto this year. And best of all, there is a Podcast feed for the channel as well. Just add this feed: to iTunes and the latest episodes from all of the attendees will be automatically downloaded to your computer.

CastRoller also has a lot of other features that make it easy to discover new podcasts and enjoy the ones you already subscribe to. You can log into CastRoller and add your own subscriptions without even creating an account at

You can read more about CastRoller over at their blog at