Another pcto09 promo

John Meadows

from the On the Log Podcast has sent us a wonderful promo.

Download John Meadow’s  Promo

In other news we have passed our 500th registrant on the wiki.  Congratulations to Mark van Tol – NATIONAL public relations for being the 500th registrant.


New Podcamp Toronto Promos

Today we received two new Podcamp Toronto 2009 Promos from Peter O’Connell and George Motoc. Remember to send your promos in to by February 1 for a chance to win some great prizes courtesy of Griffin Technologies.

Peter O’Connell:

Download Peter O’Connell’s Pcto09 Promo

George Motoc:

Download George Motoc”s Pcto09 Promo

You can find all our promos on our PCTO2009 Promos page. Please Play these promos on your podcasts, or post them to your blog or website.

Podcamp Toronto Podcast 17

Download/Listen to Podcamp Toronto Podcast 17

1) Guests sitting in with the band.  Bill Deys and Keith Burtis
2) New Sponsors this week since last episode.

Gold sponsor:
Silver Edelman Digital:
Friend of PodCamp sponsor.   IABC/Toronto
3) Podcamp Gear Swap.

4) Promo challenge update. Between recording and posting this podcast we received promos by Peter O’Connell and George Motoc for our promo challenge.  Thanks to our friends at Griffin Technologies for providing gift bags valued at $125 each for 4 lucky podcampers who make promos for Podcamp Toronto.

5) Proposed sessions.
6) is about to relaunch on January 27 with a whole new look and some exciting new features.  Will Spaetzel at castroller has set up a Podcamp Toronto channel on Castroller.  You can subscribe to the feed for all podcasts by Podcamp Toronto Participants at
7) A big thank you to everyone who has volunteered! Ask anyone else who would like to volunteer to add their names to the page:
8)  Live talkshoe show for the next episode.  Sunday 25th Jan Evening: 7pm on

Here’s a Podcamp Toronto promo for you all.

Ductapeguy’s Podcamp Toronto Promo  Download/Listen Here

I couldn’t keep myself out of the fun, so I produced a promo for Podcamp Toronto.  You may have heard it tacked onto the end of Podcamp Toronto Podcast 16.   Feel free to play it on your own podcast, or add it to your blogsite.

As an organizer, I will not me entering my name into the draw for the wonderful gift packages from Griffin Technology.  That does not prevent you wonderful people from creating promos for Podcamp Toronto and maybe winning a wonderful gift bag from Griffin Technology.  I’ve heard a great idea for a promo from a prominent member of the Montreal podcasting elite, and I can’t wait to share the completed promo.

Podcamp Toronto Featured on the Daily Source Code

I spoke with Adam Curry on the Daily Source Code with a Feature Interview about Podcamp Toronto!

Well actually, I exaggerated just a teeny bit.  This afternoon, The Podfather twittered that he was doing a test recording of a live DSC on talkshoe.  I called in, he asked where I was from, I said Midland, Ontario, Canada, and mentioned that I was an organizer of Podcamp Toronto next weekend and he called me a big geek or nerd or something and that was it.

Did I mention that I talked to Adam Curry!

Podcamp Toronto Podcast #9

Podcamp Toronto Podcast Episode 9

Connie and I had a great time recording Episode 9 of the podcast live on Talkshoe. I made some mistakes miscuing the sound clips but the conversations were great. Thanks to everyone who joined us live. We are planning to do episode 10 on Talkshoe as well, on Wednesday February 13 at 9:00pm EST.

Run time: 53:04

Show Notes:

Music – “Thematic Waves” by Vergel Evans

Participants in the call:

Tommy Vallier
Ralph Mucci
Nelson Bettencourt
Jay Moonah

with hipsters

Jim Mowatt
Eden Spodek
Keith Burtis
Drew Beatty

in the Talkshoe chat room!

Thanks to our new sponsors:

58Ninety Inc.
The Limestone New Media Group

We talk about new sessions that have been added. There is still room for more sessions! Scheduling will be opening up next weekend. If you have special considerations with the scheduling, please contact Jay Moonah. Tommy Vallier tells us how he approaches Podcamp and meeting new people. Ralph and Nelson ask about finding advertising for podcasts and other ways to monetize a podcast. We ponder why there is a new increase in podcast subscriptions. We also reveal that Saturday night at Podcamp Toronto will be a build-it-yourself arrangement. We will be creating a page on the wiki with suggested places for groups to congregate. Also included are interviews by Sean with podcasters Father Roderick and Daniele Rossi.

Send feedback:

ductapeguy @
conniecrosby @
or leave an audio comment at MyChingo

Getting to know Podcamp Toronto Podcasters

John Meadows is trying to listen to a podcast a day to familiarize himself with some of the people attending Podcamp Toronto.  I have also found this to be a good way to prepare for Podcamp.

Inspired by the Podcamp Nashville RSS feed of new podcasts from attendees of Podcamp Nashville, I entered the Podcamp Toronto Podcast List into .

You can find it at

You can subscribe to a feed of new shows from Podcamp Toronto participants at

Alternatively, you can subscribe to an OPML file of all Podcamp Toronto participant podcasts at .

If you have any additions or corrections to this list, you can add them to the comments here or better yet,  change them yourself at

User name:  podcamptoronto   password: pcto

Podcamp Toronto Podcast #5 – John Meadows interview and New Promo

Podcamp Toronto Podcast #5

In this episode your hosts Sean McGaughey and Connie Crosby interview John Meadows about his podcasts, his sessions at Podcamp Toronto, and Toronto podcaster meetups. We listen to a new promo contributed by audio’connell Voice Over Talent and challenge listeners to make a video promo. We also thank you new sponsors, invite other contributions via our PayPal link, and invite volunteers to help out via the volunteers page on the wiki.

Run time: 33:42

[Show notes to follow – Connie]

150 people are coming. Who are you going to invite?

On February 4, last year, we reached our 150 the registrant on the wiki.  I am pleased to say that there are now 155 people who are planning to come to podcamp.   The 150th and 151st registrant on the wiki were Preston Buttons and the Word Whore, hosts of the “Air Out My Shorts” comedy podcast:  I look forward to seeing them at podcamp.

As I perused the list, I noticed that there are several people I enjoyed meeting last year who have not yet posted their intention to come back to Podcamp.  I’m going to try take some time over the next 2 weeks to invite them to join us.  I’m also inviting people in my area who have shown an interest in podcasting, and some of my podcast curious musician friends.

Who are you inviting to podcamp?  Let us know in the comments or via a mychingo voice message.