Another pcto09 promo

John Meadows

from the On the Log Podcast has sent us a wonderful promo.

Download John Meadow’s  Promo

In other news we have passed our 500th registrant on the wiki.  Congratulations to Mark van Tol – NATIONAL public relations for being the 500th registrant.


Here’s a Podcamp Toronto promo for you all.

Ductapeguy’s Podcamp Toronto Promo  Download/Listen Here

I couldn’t keep myself out of the fun, so I produced a promo for Podcamp Toronto.  You may have heard it tacked onto the end of Podcamp Toronto Podcast 16.   Feel free to play it on your own podcast, or add it to your blogsite.

As an organizer, I will not me entering my name into the draw for the wonderful gift packages from Griffin Technology.  That does not prevent you wonderful people from creating promos for Podcamp Toronto and maybe winning a wonderful gift bag from Griffin Technology.  I’ve heard a great idea for a promo from a prominent member of the Montreal podcasting elite, and I can’t wait to share the completed promo.

Brand new podcast from Podcamp

The Zero to Podcast people at Podcamp are going through the whole process of conceiving, producing and publishing a podcast in just two days. Today they recorded and edited a wonderful podcast called Hiding in the Closet. I sat in the session where Bob Goyetche demonstrated how to edit all the clips together in audacity. I’ve been a daily audacity user for 3 years and I learned about several basic features of audacity which will radically change the way I work.

Have a listen to Hiding in the Closet.

The background music is Fakeout by Derek K. Miller of

And We’re off. Come on down or join us through the modern miracle of Streaming Video

Podcamp Toronto is up and running. I’m sitting listening to Chris Brogan’s talk on Social Media and branding. The halls are buzzing. Come on down to Ryerson University and join us or if you can’t make it to podcamp Toronto check out our streaming feeds.

Room 229
Room 357
Room 359A
Room 361
Studio A (1st floor)

The full schedule is available at

PS.  Manny the tech guru says that if you are having trouble accessing the stream on Windows, try right click and copy the stream url then paste it directly into Quicktime.

Podcamp Toronto Featured on the Daily Source Code

I spoke with Adam Curry on the Daily Source Code with a Feature Interview about Podcamp Toronto!

Well actually, I exaggerated just a teeny bit.  This afternoon, The Podfather twittered that he was doing a test recording of a live DSC on talkshoe.  I called in, he asked where I was from, I said Midland, Ontario, Canada, and mentioned that I was an organizer of Podcamp Toronto next weekend and he called me a big geek or nerd or something and that was it.

Did I mention that I talked to Adam Curry!

Podcamp Toronto Podcast #7 New Sponsors, Hotel Deadline February 1, and Father Roderick

Listen to Podcamp Toronto Podcast 7 (6:00).

I know, we just released episode 6 yesterday, but we wanted to tell you about some of our new sponsors,
Com.Motion and Wildfire Strategic Marketing.
We also need to remind you that the dedline to register at the Comfort Inn Suites at our group rate of $105/night is February 1.

A special PodCamp Toronto rate of $105 is available for a limited number of Executive Suites (single or double occupancy, additional guests can be added at $15 each).

The group number is 4089. Please book before February 1st to get this special rate!

Phone: 416-362-7700

Toll-Free: 1-877-316-9951



Details can be found on the Podcamp Toronto wiki.

Finally, Father Roderick, a well known podcaster has just announced details of a Toronto Meetup on Monday January 28. Father Roderick is the founder of the SQPN podcast network, and host of the Catholic Insider, The Daily Breakfast, The Secrets of Harry Potter, and many other podcasts. He will also be having a meetup in Montreal on January 29. You can find out more details of that visit on

Here are the details of the Toronto meetup from the SQPN website.

12:21: you land. Leaving the airport shouldn’t take too long (we hope), considering it’s a domestic flight, so…
1pm: We should be on the road, heading for downtown Toronto.

130pm: Hopefully, we’ve found a parking spot, and are heading for the CN Tower. (You’re not afraid of heights, are you, Father?) It really is the kind of view you’ll never forget. I’ll buy tickets for us in advance, but I thought it was best to start with this, that way it doesn’t obligate others to spend money to spend time with you. After about an hour…

230-3pm: Quick meet and greet outside the CN Tower for those who would like to join us on a walking tour. Leave here by 3pm. Exact meeting place would be on the south side of the CN Tower, directly at the base of the tower, facing Bremner Blvd and the Gardiner Expressway. (I wanted to make this meeting in a coffee shop, but they’re at least a block away, and it’s SUCH an easy landmark… but rest assured, there will be coffee shops along the way!)

3pm-5 or 530pm: Walking tour toward St. Michael’s Cathedral. Daniele has a couple of potential places to stop, and we can stop for photo ops at city hall as well, along the way.

5-530pm: Arrive at St. Michael’s Cathedral (hopefully).

530 pm: Mass at St. Michael’s Cathedral

6pm: “Proper” meet and greet. People that can’t join us earlier, can meet us outside of St. Michael’s Cathedral, and we go two blocks down the street to (according to Google maps) a Tim Horton’s coffee shop at 2 Queen St. East (at Yonge St.).

As always, we appreciate your comments. Send email to conniecrosby at gmail dot com or ductapeguy at hotmail dot com, add a comment on the blog at , or send us a mychingo voice message.


I must say that I never tried social bookmarking before today, but Dave Fleet and Eden Spodek set up a account for podcamptoronto ( . If you are into social bookmarking, be sure to friend or follow podcamptoronto, or whatever you it is you do on . You can also see a list of our recent links on the bottom left side of the sidebar.  I’ve used the following tags so far. Be sure to suggest other useful tags in the comments.




Getting to know Podcamp Toronto Podcasters

John Meadows is trying to listen to a podcast a day to familiarize himself with some of the people attending Podcamp Toronto.  I have also found this to be a good way to prepare for Podcamp.

Inspired by the Podcamp Nashville RSS feed of new podcasts from attendees of Podcamp Nashville, I entered the Podcamp Toronto Podcast List into .

You can find it at

You can subscribe to a feed of new shows from Podcamp Toronto participants at

Alternatively, you can subscribe to an OPML file of all Podcamp Toronto participant podcasts at .

If you have any additions or corrections to this list, you can add them to the comments here or better yet,  change them yourself at

User name:  podcamptoronto   password: pcto

Podcamp Toronto Podcast #5 – John Meadows interview and New Promo

Podcamp Toronto Podcast #5

In this episode your hosts Sean McGaughey and Connie Crosby interview John Meadows about his podcasts, his sessions at Podcamp Toronto, and Toronto podcaster meetups. We listen to a new promo contributed by audio’connell Voice Over Talent and challenge listeners to make a video promo. We also thank you new sponsors, invite other contributions via our PayPal link, and invite volunteers to help out via the volunteers page on the wiki.

Run time: 33:42

[Show notes to follow – Connie]